How you too...

... can find true well-being, and be empowered by the things you do.


And it’s all about how you “Feel”, taking control over your life.


Everyone wants to be well, but often we don’t want to do anything for it. If I don’t care about my nutrition, my exercising, I don’t want true well being. Wellbeing is the price, if you choose to work for it.


Like me, have you ever felt lost, not knowing what you want from life, being tired, not having enough motivation, feeling that life is just a struggle?

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1:1 Empowerment & Wellness Coaching

Are you ready to get rid of doubts and not knowing what you want in life? To feel more confident, have more energy and the pure happiness that comes with no longer having to constantly worry about what to do and if what you do is the right thing?




Let me help you with the struggle! What you need is a new approach, support, and accountability to help set you on the right track. And that is exactly what you'll get in my 1:1 exclusive coaching, "The 10-week Transformational Experience"


Here is what you will get:


  1. 10 x 90-minute classes (1 per week within 3,5 months) where we will customise you an exercise and meditation plan, work on your routines so you find what you are looking for

  2. Unlimited consultations via VOXER or WhatsApp for 3,5-months. Each session is fully customisable to your current stage of progression, and you will walk away with clear action steps to implement between calls. This is perfect as if you need some extra daily support (because often it is between sessions when the tricky situations and questions come up) you will have this to help you, you'll never feel alone on this journey 

  3. Accountability and support to help you get rid of your struggles for the full 10-weeks


If you NEED someone to support you to move forward and help you stay on track. 


What is the investment?

€2.222 EUR



€650 EUR x 4 months


If you pay in full the $2,222EUR, you will receive the Purna Yoga membership for FREE during the 3,5 months

2.222 EUR + FREE Membership

€650 EUR x 4 months 

Call or email me

+358 50 3533970


Nicole L. Philiadelphia

You have impacted my life greatly and I am sure my next path will reveal the numerous and deeply meaningful wisdoms you have selflessly passed to others.

You have build upon and continue to create a beautiful place to be.

Agnes K. Helsinki

I found a safe place where I can be myself without being judged.

A place where there is no pressure to perform, where instead one can focus on their own inner development with the aid and caring guidance of Nicola.

Jessica B. Rome

I learned tools to set my life in such a way that it can flow more easily and create space for the deeper gifts I have to give to the world and in this life. These tools enable me to struggle less, to nourish my body daily instead of hinder it, so I have space, time and energy to love, to be present, and to life a deeper purpose in my life.”