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200- hour

Purna Yoga awakens the joy of living from the heart

15. September 2023 - 10. March 2024

The Purna Yoga College offers the most holistic and detailed yoga teacher training course available. Created by world-renowned yoga masters Aadil Palkhivala and meditation master Savitri, the college teaches how to live and teach yoga and meditation from the heart.

Join us for a Q&A

Discover your purpose and take a RYT-200 hour teacher training.


Find out about our excellent training offered by the College of Purna Yoga and Nicola Moberg in this 60 min. teaser.


You'll meet the teacher, ask questions, peek into the 400 page manual and hear about the structure of the training and what to expect to learn.


This training will benefit not only your teaching, but your whole life.

Please join us at Purna Yoga Helsinki on June 13th at 19:00 for a free teaser.


Bring yourself in comfortable clothing and any questions you may have!


We hope to see you there!

Presented by 500-hour
Purna Yoga Teacher
Nicola Moberg

Do you want to become a yoga teacher? Or would you like to deepen your personal practice and learn more about yourself?

This training does not require you to become a teacher. You can study just for the joy of it.

As you learn the foundational curriculum, you will also explore

This is for you if you want to

Understand yoga and its philosophy on a deeper level and apply it to your every day life

Strengthen your personal asana and meditation practice to feel happier and healthier

Be inspired to live and teach yoga from the heart and share it with others to inspire their life

Our Graduates Say

"Not only does the training help my personal growth and bring my asana practise to a whole new level, but I hope and believe that it will turn into a profession that I can enjoy for years and years to come. As a profession it would again feed my personal growth and practise, which are both the goal, and the reward in itself.”

Pauliina Ullner Di Pietrantonio, 200-hour Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I be ready for the training? Applicants must have an established asana practice (at least one year of 2-3 classes a week in alignment-based yoga—any yoga system that emphasises the alignment of the body in asana) prior to beginning the program. The strength of this foundation will support the entirety of the Teacher Training program.

What is the Yoga Alliance? The Yoga Alliance was created to establish national standards for yoga teachers. Over the years, it has grown to become the internationally recognised body of yoga teacher training standards. Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers; instead it provides a list of teachers who have fulfilled certain yoga teacher training minimum standards. Those standards make up the 200-hour level and the 500-hour level of most teacher training programs today. Most studios and yoga teaching venues require teachers to be registered with the Yoga Alliance in order to teach yoga.

What if I miss a class? To receive your Course Completion Certificate and be eligible for Yoga Alliance registration, you must complete 100% of the classes and requirements. In addition, you must attend the first 5 modules of the course. However, we understand that you may not be able to foresee every conflict, so we have devised the following procedures if you must miss a class. If you miss more than 30 minutes of a module (4 hour course), either by arriving late or leaving early, you will not receive credit for that module, and the entire module will have to be made-up. Any missed modules may be made up in the following ways: • If you miss 1-3 modules (up to 12 hours) you may still complete the program by making up missed classes by taking private lessons with a teacher training instructor. One module (4 hours) = 1,5 hours of private instruction, at a cost of 115€ per 1,5 hour session. Private lesson make-ups must be completed within 30 days of the completion of your course. • If you miss more than 3 modules, you may continue in the course, but you will not be eligible for a Course Completion Certificate. If you wish to receive a Course Completion Certificate, you will have to retake the course.

How many people will be in class? We require a minimum of 6 students and accept a maximum of 14 students. You will have one teacher and one assistant.

How much should I expect to pay for books and materials? Your books should cost around 200 €.

After I graduate, where will I be able to teach? Upon completion, you will be able to apply to teach alignment-based yoga at a variety of venues, such as studios, gyms, adult education centers, fitness centres, and schools. While there are no legal requirements for teaching yoga, many studios require their teachers to be registered with Yoga Alliance. The 200-hour level of training will equip you to teach basic classes; your teaching repertoire will grow as you increase your level of training.

What certificate will I receive? With your successful completion of the program requirements (course hours and homework) you will earn the 200-Hour Course Completion Certificate from the Purna Yoga College. This Certificate enables you to register with the Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level.

When can I register with Yoga Alliance? With your successful completion of the program requirements (course hours and homework) you will earn the 200-Hour Course Completion Certificate from the Purna Yoga College. This certificate is the documentation that you need to complete your application to become a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour Level, becoming a “RYT-200.”

Who will be my instructor? The 200-hour course will be taught by Nicola Moberg. The teachers of the 200-hour Level are Certified Purna Yoga Instructors with over 500 hours of training, practice, and apprenticing. They are also registered with Yoga Alliance as RYTs (“Registered Yoga Teacher”) at the 200 or 500- hour levels (the highest level awarded). They have been hand-selected by Purna Yoga founders Aadil Palkhivala and Savitri, and have studied under them personally for many years to achieve the level of being a College of Purna Yoga faculty member. The members of the college faculty have made very deep commitments to their own practice of Purna Yoga as well as to serving others and carrying on the Purna Yoga lineage by training teachers.

Will I have homework? Yes, you will have two short books to read and anatomy worksheets to complete. Expect about 20 hours of homework during the 200-hour course.

I am coming from out-of-town. Where can I stay? We will provide you with a list of local recommended accommodations. Just get in touch via email.

Where will the course be conducted? The venue for this training is Helsinki’s home of Purna Yoga, Purna Yoga Helsinki, Fredrikinkatu 67 E 42, 00100 Helsinki


Dates & Times

15 – 17 September

6 – 8 October

27 – 29 October

17 – 19 November

8 – 10 December

12 – 14 January

26 – 28 January

9 – 11 February

8 - 10 March



Fridays 15:00- 19:00


Saturday and Sunday 8:30- 18:00 (1,5h lunch break)



3 700€

Save 150€


Reservation Fee Due with Application


Due by 15th of June 2023


3 850€




Reservation Fee Due with Application


Due by September 1st 2023


If the student withdraws 14 days or more prior to the start of the training the student will receive a full refund of the pre-payment, minus the reservation fee of 250€. If the student withdraws 1-13 days prior to the start of the training the student will receive a 90% refund of the pre-payment. If the student withdraws after the training starts, payments are non-refundable.


Call or WhatsApp

+358 50 3533970



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