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Breaking The Pattern - Webinar
Purna Yoga Helsinki

Breaking The Pattern - Webinar

1:1 Empowerment & Wellness Coaching Are you ready to get rid of doubts and not knowing what you want in life? To feel more confident, have more energy and the pure happiness that comes with no longer having to constantly worry about what to do and if what you do is the right thing? I am the ONLINE EMPOWERMENT & WELLNESS COACH for YOU!!! Let me help you with the struggle! What you need is a new approach, support, and accountability to help set you on the right track. And that is exactly what you'll get in my 1:1 exclusive coaching, "The 10-week Transformational Experience" Here is what you will get: 10 x 90-minute classes (1 per week within 3,5 months) where we will customise you an exercise and meditation plan, work on your routines so you find what you are looking for Unlimited consultations via VOXER or WhatsApp for 3,5-months. Each session is fully customisable to your current stage of progression, and you will walk away with clear action steps to implement between calls. This is perfect as if you need some extra daily support (because often it is between sessions when the tricky situations and questions come up) you will have this to help you, you'll never feel alone on this journey Accountability and support to help you get rid of your struggles for the full 10-weeks If you NEED someone to support you to move forward and help you stay on track. Frequently Asked Questions How much time do I need to invest? We will be meeting once per week for 90 minutes according to your schedule for an online session where you will need to be ready to do meditation and yoga asana practices. (If you miss a week we will move it forward - there is a lot of flexibility in this, also if one day you only have time for 30-60 min we adjust it to your full package) How much access will I have to Nicola? After we meet you have the chance to get in touch with me during weekdays all day long via Voxer or Whatsapp. After working with Nicola, how will my life be different? Since you’ve learned to create a routine for yourself plus practiced it when we meet, you will have a new pattern or blueprint for how you want to live your daily life. You will regain the power and confidence to make better choices, be happier and more at peace with yourself. How are the modules delivered? We will work via zoom for the live class. During the week you will also receive videos to practice on your own whether it is meditation or asana yoga practice. How much is the pay in full? €2.222 EUR - If you pay in full you will receive the Purna Yoga membership for FREE during the 3,5 months How much is the payment plan? €650 EUR x 4 months - you will be charged automatically each month What are the benefits of the Purna Yoga Membership? You will receive for the duration of the 3,5 months: Live Unlimited Studio and Online Yoga classes Discounts on special workshops and events at Purna Yoga Helsinki An “on demand video library” full of yoga asana classes for better health
Empowerment & Wellness Webinar