Hi, I’m Nicola from Austria, a mom, yoga teacher and entrepreneur. I teach Purna Yoga classes and workshops at my studio and around Finland. I also teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga and I call myself a childbirth motivator. For couples, I assist in fertility care.

 Yoga has given me richness in life, it has given me the opportunity to know myself better and value what I have, it taught me what matters in life. Purna Yoga has given me practical tools to live life happy and meaningful and not just positive.

What I want to give YOU as my student, is a stress-less and peace-full life, I want you to recognize that you are not just a body, but you have feelings, thoughts and dreams. If it is through practicing asana to open and strengthen your body or for calming and focusing the mind with meditation. My wish is to create happy and caring people and hopefully I can inspire you in this process.

And here is my yoga path:

I was practicing meditation in 2001 and found yoga at a spiritual centre in Guatemala.

My passion at that time was traveling so I chose to take yoga classes wherever I went, Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, I ended up in Spain.

There I took my first yoga teacher training at a yoga school in Barcelona in the year 2003-04, from then on, I knew I need to study more.

​ In 2007 I got pregnant and took the opportunity to deepen my practice in prenatal yoga. After the birth of my first daughter I knew I need to know everything about childbirth and how to deal with this extraordinary experience. I studied with Birthlight founder Francoise Freedman and got certified in Perinatal yoga, that was in 2009.

Finally, after having my second child I was once again on the search to find THE yoga system. I was ready to go anywhere in the world. My family just moved to Helsinki and as I google “yoga teacher training in English” I find this beautiful little studio in the centre of Helsinki. I checked it out. From the moment I entered the place, I knew I found IT, it was like coming home.

I learned about Purna Yoga through the studio founder Tove Palmgren who brought this great system to Finland. Soon I started teaching prenatal yoga and did the 200-hour teacher training in 2012 with Drew Scallop and Tove.

 Once I met the founder, Aadil Palkhivala I was totally hooked and I knew that Purna Yoga shares the values I was looking for so long. We were very lucky to have him teach the 500- hour Purna yoga training in Helsinki, a man who taught the most professional yoga teachers in the world.

And the path doesn’t stop here, it feels like it’s only the beginning. After all the years of training, teaching and growing a business I am ready to move on the next level. From teaching professional yoga to embodying yoga with the 2.000- hour Purna Yoga teacher training taught by Aadil and Savitri, who taught me to never stop learning.

Welcome to

Purna Yoga with Nicola in Helsinki @2016 by Nicola Moberg

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