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Nicola is warm yet commanding in a way that makes you want to do your very best, enthusiastic and incredibly genuine.


How to remove stress permanently

Free Masterclasses with Nicola

Do you experience build-up stress, or exhausted stress?

Define your stresses and learn techniques to overcome them. Use the tools for making the necessary changes.


Stress is a perception - and perception is not real. I will give you the tools to change your mind and focus what you want to create. Expect to relax deeply.


Manifest high non-exhausting energy. Once you let go of the chatter in the mind, you will be able to start creating. The transformation of stress into power and strength.

Stressed Woman


This program is designed just for You. Individual sessions to reach your dream goal to empower the better you. A program which suits to your schedule and finances.


As a mentor I will help you to transform your pain points. How?


We will use yoga asana to increase the "feel" for your body, be healthier more fit and have higher levels of energy, just what you need.


We will look at your lifestyle and nutrition and see what has to be changed , to allow you feel the vitality you deserve.


I will help you form new habits with daily meditation routines so that you begin to listen to your heart more than your head. Become more confident.


We will create a space for letting go of worries and fears, old patterns which don't serve you anymore.


We'll look where you are in your abundance and whatever you desire for the life you dream of and what makes you feel empowered.

This is perfect for you if you feel burned out, or feel depressed and overwhelmed. If you are a mother of small or big children, a women going through menopause or beyond. Or you're a woman who wants to find herself and her purpose.


For everyone who wants to get in touch with their spiritual part and find meaning in life, this is for you.

It can be 4, 6 or 12 months program tailored to your wishes and needs and how committed you are to make real long lasting changes.

Nicola Moberg

“The best gift you can give to yourself is to invest in yourself.”

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