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How you too can find true well-being, and be empowered by the things you do.


And it’s all about how you “Feel”, taking control over your life.


Everyone wants to be well, but often we don’t want to do anything for it. If I don’t care about my nutrition, my exercising, I don’t want true well being. Wellbeing is the price, if you choose to work for it.


Like me, have you ever felt lost, not knowing what you want from life, being tired, not having enough motivation, feeling that life is just a struggle?


I thought I’ve chosen this, I accepted my misery, and this is where I went wrong, as many of us do when we experience hardships.


It doesn’t have to be this way. I understood that I can turn this around, that it I don’t have to live like this.


I became confident with myself, I moved from introvert to extrovert, there was just a lot of insecurities and a lot of burden I carried with me, which I decided to change. It was a whew effect when I realised this.


My first big passion became Health! Because I was so freaked out of getting sick. I felt fear, and this fear helped me to change my lifestyle. I was not just eating healthier, but I had to let go of the bad things, like drinking alcohol, smoking and not sleeping. When you’r young this might not effect you but as I got older this had to stop. I also started to exercise my body which before I didn’t have a real need for.


Finding Yoga was an enlightenment experience for me, since it felt so good and I thought I could do this kind of exercise, I wanted to make a habit of it.


First it was the mystic part I was interested in yoga, interested about spirituality and things like life after death. Over the years I learned that yoga is so much more. Yoga is not a sport, but the physical movements in yoga are part of the bigger picture to keep the body healthy and fit and yoga in itself helps to be more conscious, to “feel” more and to connect with the spirit.


In the old yoga, a system which is estimated 25.000 years old the body often was neglected, it was all about the spirit/mind. In contrary in the west today yoga is all about the body, and we neglect the spirit/mind.


In the new yoga we understand that both body and spirit/mind are important since we are complete beings. We have our own thoughts, passions, dreams, careers finances, and all this.


Stepping on the path of yoga started with the physical practice and then I got into meditation which gave me real aha moments.


For a long time I thought I should stop thinking which was impossible for me. I thought you need to be a super human to be able to do that. So for a long time I thought meditation is not for me.


Until I learned a new approach to meditation which is a dynamic form and learned that I’m not supposed to “not think” but rather “focus” my mind and bring it into one place, to use it making choices and creating what I want.


Everything what happens to us in life is because we “think” it. Think about that! If I tell myself that all my struggles are just what they are, they will be exactly that. But no, I tell myself a new story. I say I have all the power in the world to achieve, to feel how I want to feel, decide how I want to live my life.


And this power - You have it as well, we all have it.


So in terms of well being, what do we want? Everyone wants a piece of happiness, right? Nobody can be happy all the time, but we can have happy moments, real ones, not the fake pretending to be one.


Wellbeing can also be prosperity, something I’ve been working with for a long time, there is this energy and if we just recognise and change, I believe we can have what we want.


But it’s not enough to just think about what we want all the time, but we have to set an intention and do something for it. It’s more than goal setting, but to grow as a human being.


The base of all this is “feeling”. When you feel you will make better decisions. You will more likely know what you want, that if something's not good for you you feel it, it is called intuition.


Here we are calling on intuition and sensitivity in the body. Not the mind, since the mind is already quite sensitive. Physical sensitivity is something like, you eat unhealthy and it doesn’t feel right, you know it.


Feeling at ease in your life or being content? Most of us are all the time searching for something better, something more, so we consume, spend money buying stuff. It makes us content for a while but what’s next?


Wellness is empowering ourselves, to be going inside. To be exact into our Heart Centre.


The heart centre also called the heart chakra is a place in the centre of the chest in form of a light. It is the energy of love. In my approach you will learn how to separate the mind and the heart, since the mind is fairly noisy and the heart very calm. Through the heart you become a “feeling” person if you consistently connect with it.


And now comes the story of my life


When I was young I was looking for “the man of my life”. Through spiritual books I learned that I can choose what I want, so I decided to feel the person I want to be with. At some point I thought I need to have a picture in my head to effectively visualise this person, it was hard since I didn’t know how he should look like. Nevertheless I remembered meeting someone who I felt was good looking so I started seeing him in my mind. Many years passed by and I didn’t let go of that dream as I travelled around the world ready to meet him by surprise. Until I got so obsessed that I started looking for exactly that person. There was no social media in those days, I just learned how to use the internet, so I looked him up, and guess what, I found him. I decided to go and see him. As I meet him I realised something, not only that he thinks I’m a bit crazy, but even though he looked the way I visualised, he didn’t “feel” the way I felt it should feel.


Not too long later I found the real “him”, and then I knew that this is how it should feel. It did work.


Some years ago I would’ve not dared to tell this story because I felt stupid for what I did, but in the end I learned a valuable lesson, and now I see it as a gift. Today I’m happily married to this man. And I keep telling him proudly that I manifested him :)


What do you want from your life? Don’t think about it too much, just FEEL it. Sometimes that gets a bit tricky since the ego is quite noisy and we think it’s what we feel. That’s why we need guidance.


Since I consciously started feeling, I stopped struggling. I don’t have these chaotic moments anymore, nor do I meet negative people, they are all gone from my life. It’s such an enormous change, and it’s only because I started to trust that “feeling" is the way to go.


This kind of practice requires discipline, space and time. But sometimes you just need someone to kick you in the arse. Sorry my language. Maybe you are done with the way you live your life?


Finding some meaning or purpose is the key to happiness and success and whatever else you wish.


This can be a never ending story of growth, but you can kickstart it and shorten the process from years or decades to months if you have somebody on your side, a teacher, a mentor, a coach, a guru, whatever you call it. Someone who is leading you, holding your hand on the way.


Why do you think I am here today? I never thought I would be in front of people or a camera speaking about my passion or even have a passion. And today I’m doing it every day. Because I overcame something big, and so can you.


What are the barriers which hold you back? What keeps you from living the live of your dreams? We can all do this, you just need to say yes and be ready to change.


Today I want to give you an amazing offer, I have taught yoga for over 20 years, I train yoga teachers and help women during difficult moments in their life, and so I can help you, because you deserve it.


That’s why I want to guide you to find the “feel” in your body through yoga asana, help you with meditation and holding you accountable for your growth. I am here to hold your hand.


This is an exclusive offer since I can only take a handful of you who want to take action and change your life. This is it!




1:1 Empowerment & Wellness Coaching


Are you ready to get rid of doubts and not knowing what you want in life? To feel more confident, have more energy and the pure happiness that comes with no longer having to constantly worry about what to do and if what you do is the right thing?




Let me help you with the struggle! What you need is a new approach, support, and accountability to help set you on the right track. And that is exactly what you'll get in my 1:1 exclusive coaching, "The 10-week Transformational Experience"


Here is what you will get:


  1. 10 x 90-minute classes (1 per week within 3,5 months) where we will customise you an exercise and meditation plan, work on your routines so you find what you are looking for

  2. Unlimited consultations via VOXER or WhatsApp for 3,5-months. Each session is fully customisable to your current stage of progression, and you will walk away with clear action steps to implement between calls. This is perfect as if you need some extra daily support (because often it is between sessions when the tricky situations and questions come up) you will have this to help you, you'll never feel alone on this journey 

  3. Accountability and support to help you get rid of your struggles for the full 10-weeks


If you NEED someone to support you to move forward and help you stay on track. 


What is the investment?


€2.222 EUR



€650 EUR x 4 months


If you pay in full the €2,222 EUR, you will receive the Purna Yoga membership for FREE during the 3,5 months




2.222 EUR + FREE Membership

€650 EUR x 4 months 

Call or email me

+358 50 3533970

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