My partner and I decided to ask Nicola for private yoga service for many reasons. Our fertility journey was long and we were both exhausted. My partner had practiced another form of yoga for 8 years and I am a Purna yoga student. So, we wanted our yoga practice to be more deeply involved in the fertility process. 


At first, we immediately found that the private couples sessions were the only place we were completely relaxed and connect. We learned specific poses and practices for connection, restoration, balance and attunement to each other. We also learned that the inversions and restoration poses were key to hormonal and emotional attunement. We were very motivated to practice them at home and restore some peace to our lives. 


We also learned meditations and looked deeper into philosophical aspects of yoga with Nicola's guidance. She taught us a fertility supportive version of Heartfull Meditation, which we used most nights for 6 months. This was an excellent and powerful tool. We were able to make very difficult decisions and focus on the necessary discussions, while returning in the evenings to a haven of connection and peace in our shared meditation. 


We are so pleased to have a healthy pregnancy in the 2nd trimester, and practices to stay with us. It is very clear that Nicola is deeply knowledgeable, kind, and intuitive. We could not have made it through without her skill and professional yogic devotion. 


And, I look forward to taking her prenatal yoga classes based on the Birthlight method. I trust that she will be able share more yogic wisdom and the skills I need to support my body and baby before birth.

Therese Bogan, Helsinki


I am so grateful to have had Nicola as one of my primary teachers since I started practicing Purna Yoga 2 years ago. Her warm sincerity and casual approach offer an experience that integrates respect, inspiration, and openness. In this atmosphere of friendly teaching, I've felt completely free to explore my personal and momentary limits within the boundlessness of my yoga practice. 


I appreciate the balance of variety and focus she brings into her classes -- each class feeling new as we work on a different place the body, strengthening and opening the area or specific muscles. Her incorporation of new techniques to complement the fundamental practice, and introducing props in fresh ways continually invigorates the practice.


I once went to a prenatal yoga class with Nicola - even though I wasn't pregnant - and was amazed to connect with a different hue of experience to what I would receive in the regular asana practices... this quietude of connection to feminine cycles. It's been a blessing and a beautiful experience to receive guidance from this wonderful woman <3   Tiina G. Helsinki

Thank you Nicola for your warm tips and guidance! I've had an interesting journey since my first ever yoga class 12 months ago. 


The big messages from Nicola at the yoga classes - gratitude, joy, inner light, peace, purpose - have been remarkably healing and beneficial. I was actively searching for ways to control stressed, overachieving mind-body system that had been lost from its correct path. Purna yoga with Nicola's kind guidance has been an excellent tool for me: easily approachable, practical way of finding relaxation and taking time for the important things. And not forgetting the physical benefits - now I can reach my toes with my fingers.


In addition to the weekly class, I've made a habit of waking up early and making a short session of Purna Yoga Morning Series or Sun Salutation Series every morning. It has almost a mystical impact for the rest of the morning and day - mind is focused, body is well waken up and prepared, and I'm more relaxed when facing everyday life's surprises (busy years ongoing with kids and work). 


Purna yoga has had and will have a big role in supporting the wellbeing of both my body and mind. I recommend!


Tommi, Espoo


I took prenatal and postnatal yoga classes at Purna Yoga and found them just fantastic - highlight of my week! The prenatal classes were great for preparing for labour and birth and at easing the many aches associated with pregnancy as well as winding down, forgetting all my worries and finding a wonderful inner calm. The postnatal classes were also great - so relaxed and easy to bring baby along without worrying about cries disturbing others etc. Wonderful to stretch out tired limbs and again find a wonderful sense of clam and peace. Highly recommend!

Marylee W., Helsinki

I don't have much experience with yoga and for the novice like me this studio  became a great place to start and learn.

Both prenatal and general level 1 classes were and still are a saver for me. Small group, cozy atmosphere and great approach from teachers make this studio a perfect place for me.

Love you, ladies. And special thanks for Nicola, who saves my problematic back during long months of pregnancy :)

Inna M., Espoo

Post by Wambui Njuguna wife of Petri Räisenen: