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Color your life

If you’ve ever visited a Purna Yoga class/studio you probably noticed that Purna Yoga teachers always wear colorful clothing. Why do we do that? One reason because we like to enhance our own well-being while having you look at something uplifting.

In one random class I once asked my students to imagine the color which makes them most happy. “Really visualize and see that color.” I asked them to remember it. A little later at the end of the class I checked for their answers, and their responds was all from pink to yellow to bright and colorful. So, my question was, why do you choose to wear black clothing? Everyone was looking down just nodding and baffled about their choice of what they were wearing that day. Only the ones with the colorful shirt had a smile on their face.

The beauty of colorful flowers

You maybe remember an occasion where you see someone with a bright yellow or orange coat and can’t but comment on it, even if you would not wear that color yourself, it always makes you react in some way or another.

According to Savitri co-founder of Purna Yoga, meditation master and creator of Heartfull™ Meditation, colors invoke feelings of beauty, order and self-expression, and most of all colors can promote healing.

Whereas black, brown and other dark colors, deplete us of energy, by absorbing light and positive feelings.

Fashion magazine vogue wrote an article a few years back and a journalist did an experiment to wear colors for one week to see how she feels. Mostly it was about clothes branding, but what she said about her changes of mood was truly compelling.

The following section comes from a book by Dietrich Klinghardt. MD, PHD, a neurobiologist and color therapist who was invited to Aadil and Savitri’s radio show to talk about light and the effects on our health.

“Maybe the most exciting way in which colour finds its way inside the body, i.e. the subconscious mind, the immune system, the limbic system, the nervous system etc - has only recently been discovered. There are more and more scientific hints that light can charge particles that travel in the lymph and blood as well as inside the nerves.

Researchers at the University of Vienna, Austria, found that albumin is one of the proteins able to be charged by colored light – and able to deliver this charge to tissues far away from the site of exposure.

Through the outer layer of the skin light also affects pigments, fluorescent particles in the body fluids and inside the cells which travel in the blood and lymph. After being energized - in a color-wavelength and frequency specific way - they are transported to their target sites where the light-energy is discharged. These light-discharges have an organizing and activating effect on cellular organelles and the cell metabolism in the target tissue (such as the brain or inner organs).

This mechanism explains partially the effects of color-treatment via the skin - including the Dinshah Method, Peter Mandel’s Color Puncture and the effect which colors of clothing have on mood and the immune system. A study showed that wearing black clothing immediately depresses the NK-cell activity and several other parameters used to judge the activity of the immune system. The conclusion, the color black is carcinogenic.

The opposite is also true: wearing rainbow colors stimulates the immune system and the mood.”

And this is exactly why we encourage you to throw out your black clothing and start a new trend, by colouring your life with bright and happy colors, not only for your mood, but also for your health.


– activates the parasympathetic nervous system, calms – often used for hyperactive children.


– activates the sympathetic nervous system.


– heals post-traumatic tissue-injuries.


– anti-depressive.


– liver detox.


– brings deeply held conflicts and emotions to the surface.

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