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Yoga Festival Helsinki 2015

I will be teaching a class at this years yoga festival in Helsinki. The class is an introduction to Alignment based yoga which comes directly from the teachings of Purna Yoga. Physically we bring alignment into the body by practicing classical postures, so that he body is safe and healthy. When alignment goes deeper we look at how we can align our energies, so that our words match our feelings and our thoughts. Alignment based yoga is influenced by the teachings of Iyengar, but taken a step further so that it becomes complete (purna).

My class is on Sunday 9.15 at Sali 2 in Kaapelitehdas. My teacher Tove Palmgren has two classes during the festival, Saturday 13.00 Sali 3 and Sunday 11.45 Sali 2. I will assit her in those classes.

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